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In the August and September of 2012, painter, film maker and sculptor Rachel Antill travelled with an exploratory expedition to the Eastern Karakoram which aimed to reach the remote and seldom visited Rimo mountain group.
By recording and responding to this majestic landscape, the project aims to bring to an audience a reflection of the monumental scale and collective consciousness resting in centuries of ice.

The Executive

Looking towards the head of the North Terong Glacier photographed as snow storms pass over in the late afternoon, photograph Rachel Antill

Approaches to the karakoram

Following two years of preparation the Rimo iii expedition set out for India in mid August 2012. To be travelling to this part of India is in itself a unique situation. Close to the line of control between India and Pakistan very few parties have been given permission to explore the mountains of the Siachen area.
The challenges of reaching, documenting and exploring the Rimo mountain group involved trekking trough rugged glacial terrain, the scale of which forces a moment of reflection as to our relative vulnerability and insignificance in this vast landscape. The creative rewards however, may be insight into the understanding of our connection to such a dynamic, constantly changing and uncompromising environment.

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IAbandoned parachutes, Siachen Glacier, photograph Rachel Antill

The focus of this trip for all the expedition members was to find new ground, weather that was in the form of climbing, exploration or creativity. Setting out form the snout of the Siachen glacier there were many unknown factors as to what might be possible, even as to whether we would be able to negotiate the Terong river and reach the intended base camp.
Counter to the understanding that you cannot assume anything whilst exploring wilderness environments, there is also an amazing feeling of possibility. Armed with a smattering of information from previous explorations you are forced to act on what is found in that moment. Only by adapting to what you find will you come closer to discovering potential.

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Crevasses and moraine Terong Glacier, photograph Rachel Antill

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